Office Celebration Choux Platter (Farewell, Birthday, Promotion)


A platter of 16 mini Choux freshly baked, filled and assembled for your office celebration. 

Flavours on the photos are Citrus Madness and Paris Wan Chai but we can make the following recipes. Just place your order and we'll reach out to confirm the recipe you want ! 

Antoinette style
Vanilla cream and raspberry coulis inside topped with chantilly and fresh berries. 

Citrus madness
Lemons curd inside topped with burned Italian meringue.

Choco mango
Chocolate cream and exotic coulis inside topped with chantilly choco, fresh mango and chocolate shavings.

Paris Wan Chai
Praline Chantilly cream inside topped with caramelised Pecan nuts and Homemade Praline sauce.  

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