Taste of home

When he landed in Hong Kong Julien couldn’t find the kind of cakes he used to enjoy in Paris. He decided to fix this. After a few months he met Alexis who was the Executive Pastry Chef of the Jockey Club. Alexis had gone through various 3-star restaurants and 5-star hotels but he liked the idea of getting back to a simpler, more generous form of pastry. After testing the concept with various events and pop-up stores the pair decided to partner and open their first pastry bar & shop.

Le Dessert Story - Taste of Home
Le Dessert Story - Our Vision

Our Vision

In French “Dessert” stands both for a type of dish and a moment in time: the end of a generous meal shared with friends, colleagues or family. This moment when time is suspended while guests enjoy the simple pleasure of Indulgence. At Le Dessert we invite you to enjoy this ultimate form of French generosity... and craziness!