No7's Matcha Almond Croissant


This Croissant is an exclusive collaboration between Le Dessert and Hong Kong influencer Cecilia, better known on Instagram as No7. 

The Story behind the Croissant

Ceci initially fell in love with the  Signature Pavlova from Le Dessert. But she wanted to give a local twist to the French Dessert.
So she met with Executive Chef Julien Zampieri from Le Dessert and they worked together for a month to design the No7 Matcha Collection composed 2 exclusive products: The No7 Matcha Pavlova and No7 Matcha Croissant. Both items make the most of Le Dessert's pastry expertise and Ceci's passion for everything matcha.

The Pavlova can be ordered at Z(EN)DO cafe and on Le Dessert website.
The Croissant is available for sale at the Z(EN)DO Cafe.  Both items are limited editions only available through out the month of September.



The Croissant is filled and topped with a Matcha and Almond cream, almond flakes and a signature Matcha chocolate coating.


This limited edition from the No7 Matcha Collection will only be available during the Month of September.  The Croissant is available for sale at the Z(EN)DO Cafe. 


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