Pistachio Paris Wan Chai



If the original recipe was created to celebrate a biking race between Paris and Brest in the early 1900's, Le Dessert's creation definitely comes from Paris to Hong Kong! Made of a crispy shell of chocolate choux pastry, filled with pistachio cream and cherry compote and topped with caramelised almond, fresh pistachios, dry freeze raspberries, our Paris Wan Chai is a perfect mix of flavourful Parisian lifestyle and Wan Chai's decadence! 


Base is a crispy shell of chocolate choux pastry baked with caramelised almonds.
Filling is pistachio cream and inserts of cherry compote and pistachio paste. 
Toppings include pistachios and dry freeze raspberries. 

Storage and consumption

The Paris Wan Chai should be stored in the fridge until consumption. For an ideal experience the Charlotte should be consumed within 24 hours. 


Order up to one day before, with a cut off time of 7:00 pm. For same day orders (pick up or delivery), please contact us via WhatsApp: +852 9262 1575


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