Modern French

Don’t expect to see all the classic French cakes perfectly aligned in a display fridge. We want to show you a modern face of French that brings colorful and lively experience both for to the eyes and the mouth. We carefully select our recipe from the French pastry tradition but we give them a modern twist. Our French chefs use traditional pastry techniques but they do it right before your eyes. Our cakes are sophisticated yet they are meant to be eaten on the go.

Le Dessert Difference - Modern French
Le Dessert Difference - Aiming for Fluffy

Aiming for Fluffy

Fluffiness is our main selection criteria for recipes and we always try to strike the perfect balance between yummy and lightness. Chantilly cream is the fluffiest invention in the French culinary tradition and is central marker of our recipes. We obtain it by whipping milk cream from the Normandie region which is known for having a unique capacity to “rise”. We add some flavor to it but no sugar so you only get the fluffiness.

Ultimate Freshness

Most of the cakes you see today in pastry shop are made in food factories in a very industrial way. Those cakes are designed to look the same and be edible days after their production. But that comes with a cost: taste. We aim to serve the freshest cakes possible. All our preparations are made the same day and the actual mounting of the cakes is made on the point of sale, right before your eyes.

Le Dessert Difference - Ultimate Freshness