PIERRE HERME PARIS Nomade Montebello Pistachio Entremet


In a few words

This pistachio strawberry entremet cake combines the crispness of a pistachio shortbread biscuit and a pistachio dacquoise with the creaminess of a pistachio and mascarpone cream and a strawberry compote.

The size is 7.5 inch long and it's suitable for 5 to 7 people. 

Ingredients and preparations

The different layers feature a pistachio shortbread biscuit, a pistachio dacquoise biscuit, a creamy pistachio cream, a strawberry compote and a mascarpone pistachio cream. It’s glazed with a pistachio “miroir” and decorated with fresh cream, fresh pistachio and points of strawberry compote.

Storage and consumption

The Nomade should be stored in the fridge until consumption. The Nomade can be stored up to 2 days in the fridge. 


This product is part of a collection of PIERRE HERME PARIS desserts made in collaboration with Le Dessert Studio. 
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Contains Dairy | Pasteruized Dairy and Eggs - Pregnancy Safe 

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