Celebration Choux Platter - The perfect farewell treat


A platter of 16 mini Choux freshly baked, filled and assembled for your office celebration. 

The platter is only available with exactly 16 pieces. 

You can choose up to 4 recipes from the following. By default we will make an assortment of 4 recipes but if you'd like to change you can reach out to us on WhatsApp at 9262 1575 to request a specific selection. 

The Praliné : Praliné chantilly cream, homemade gianduja and caramelized pecan nuts

The Chocolate : Valrhona chantilly cream and chocolate crispy pearl 

The Pistachio : Pistachio chantilly cream, cherry coulis and fresh pistachio 

The Fraisier : Vanilla chantilly cream, fresh strawberries,  raspberry coulis and micro basil 


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