International Women's Day Choux Platter


A platter of 16 mini Choux freshly baked, filled and assembled for your International Women's Day celebration. 

The platter is only available with exactly 16 pieces. 

You can choose up to 4 recipes from the following. By default we will make an assortment of 4 recipes but if you'd like to change you can reach out to us on WhatsApp at 9262 1575 to request a specific selection. 


The Praliné : Praliné chantilly cream, homemade gianduja and caramelized pecan 

The Chocolate : Valrhona chantilly cream, chocolate crispy pearl 

The Pistachio : Pistachio chantilly cream, cherry coulis and fresh pistachio 

The Fraisier : Vanilla chantilly cream, fresh strawberries,  raspberry coulis and micro basil 


The International Women's Day Collection is available from the 6th March to the 17th March.

Order up to one day before, with a cut off time of 6:00 pm. For same day orders (pick up or delivery), please contact us via WhatsApp: +852 9262 1575


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