Freshly Made Mont Blanc Tin for Cheese Club


🇨🇭 This Mont Blanc dessert was developed exclusively for the Swiss Month of CheeseClub.
It will be freshly made right before being placed in your CheeseClub box. It features a Breton shortbread (Sablé breton) base, white chocolate & vanilla Chantilly cream, homemade Chestnut cream and inserts of blackcurrant jam.

The tin weight 195 grams and is perfect for 3 people to share. 

🍪 Conservation & Consumption
2 days in the fridge

❓ Did you know? 
The Mont Blanc dessert is actaully from Italy and it has been claimed that the dessert was described in Platina's De Honesta Voluptate in 1475, and that a recipe is found in Scappi's Opera in 1570.


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