Sourdhough Country Bread


The product : 

Our sourdough country bread is both delicious, good for your health and easy to digest. The use of sourdough is the oldest known technique for obtaining leavened bread. At Le Dessert, we have preserved this tradition which gives bread its special taste and its health properties.

Freshly baked sourdhough country bread made every morning by our French baker using exclusively French  premium flour. Our Sourdough Countrybread is available in 1.25kg and 300g.

Recipe : 

Our sourdough bread follows the traditional French recipe and brings the best of French artisan “savoir faire”.

Availibility : 

We can deliver your favorite bakeries everyday from 8.30am in the morning and all day long.

Order up to one day before, with a cut off time of 12:00 pm. For same day orders (pick up or delivery), please contact us via WhatsApp: +852 9262 1575

The minimum purchase for bakery products is 250HKD. You can also create your own Bakery Box.

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